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On Republic Day 2018 A Hindu boy was killed in Kasganj (UP) and here’s what whole nation wants to say


Muslim League led by Mohammad Jinnah wanted a separate country for Muslims and he did get a separate country by dividing Hindustan. 1 Million people died in the process and Millions became Homeless. The new country came to known as Islamic Republic of Pakistan but what was left of Hindustan became Republic of India and not Hindu Republic of India. The Ahinsawadi “Mahatma Gandhi” and Congress led by Jawahar Lal Nehru backstabbed the Hindus by not making this nation a Hindu republic, which it was before the invasion by Islamists and for which Millions of Hindu warriors had shed their blood.

Hindu population started slumping in the newly created Islamic Nation, but in Secular and Democratic India, thousands of Mini Pakistan’s have came into existence. In 1990, over half Million Hindus were coerced to leave their Homeland in Kashmir when Islamic insurgents carried out their Rape and Genocide. And this country has witnessed thousands of riots Post-Independence where the instigators were always those who cry victim now and then.

On the eve of Republic Day celebration, A 22 year old Hindu boy named “Chandan Gupta” was shot dead in Kasganj Town of Uttar Pradesh, because he was a part of an event called “Tiranga Bike Rally.” This rally was to celebrate Republic Day and were going through this area which is the Mini Pakistan of Kasganj Town. Chandan Gupta wasn’t affiliated with any political party or organisation but with a NGO. He used to take part in Blood Donation drives and Blanket distribution drives. He was killed because he had the flag of India in his hand and were chanting Bharat Mata ki Jai from the top of his lungs.

Here what our Nation has to say About the Incident:


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