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Liberal’s shown their place after Deepawali by Twitterati


Deepawali is over and so are the rants of Anti-Hindus for now. Liberals who were crying over the fact that Firecrackers on Deepawali cause pollution will be no where to see when the same firecrackers will be burst on the eve of New Year. After the dictate from Supreme Court on firecrackers the Liberal elite were elated and took to twitter to share their joy but Hindus weren’t going to let them win. Deepawali was celebrated with great joy and pomp by so called ‘Intolerant Hindus’. The liberal elite soon took to twiiter to show their dissent and their tweets will put a smile on your face.

Here is the tweet where Sagarika ghose were showing her happiness over a noiseless Deepawali but her happiness didn’t lasted long:

Her husband seems jilted too:

Here’s what Shobha De tweeted:

Here’s Barkha Dutt’s tweet:

Like Sagarika ghose, Barkha’s happiness didn’t lasted long too:

Here are some of the reactions of Twitterati’s:

Source: Minorities of Kashmir


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