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Raju Shrivastav made everyone cry


Raju Srivastav often credited as Gajodhar, is one of the most popular comedians in India. He is best known for his observational comedy about various instances in daily life. The Comedian has done many comedy shows and is appeared in many bollywood fims too.

We all known Raju as a comedian but do you know he has a serious side too.

Raju made a video on cow slaughter which is not only emotional but also true.

In the video, Raju portrays the role of an old dying cow. Her owner invited a Butcher to slaughter her. She begs her owner not to kill her and makes him remember of those times when he used to drink her milk.

However, now that the cow is old, she is sent to the slaughter house. Raju Srivastav as “holy cow” will make you emotional and fill your heart with sadness.

Here is the video:

Click Here to Watch the Video directly on Youtube.

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